Geblockte Serien streamen: Die Wahrheit über VPNs (mit @alwaysxcaro)

There are great factors to utilize a Virtual Private Network or a VPN, and also I’ll share what those remain in a moment yet judging among the material you’ll check out or watch online, you ‘d be forgiven for believing that this piece of software program is the utmost remedy to every hacking and also security issue we have in the world today. Welcome to All Things Safe.

The safety you currently have without a VPN, the legit reasons to use a VPN. And also ultimately, things that a VPN can refrain ’cause let’s encounter it, there’s a lot of puzzling info concerning Virtual Private Networks. As well as if you enjoy via completion of this video not just will you have a far better understanding of what a VPN can do for you, I’ll also share with you the primary danger to your protection as well as personal privacy that no VPN can protect you from.

To assist us look through the truth versus fiction, allow me share with you 5 points that are real about your net link right currently even if you’re not making use of a VPN.

One, your ISP or Internet Service Provider can broadly see which internet sites you access. So while it might not know precisely which YouTube video clip you’re seeing today, they can know that you accessed YouTube. Two, HTTPS is now an internet criterion. All this army grade file encryption you become aware of marketed by technology business exists in greater than 85% of the sites you see. If you see the padlock on your web internet browser, your net traffic is currently being encrypted.

Making use of tools like cookies, the Facebook pixel cookies, the Chrome internet browser as well as well, cookies. Five, our safety and also privacy is a product of trust.

Certain, we can secure our information in transit, but what concerning your login information that obtains kept on target servers or our debt info that’s with Experian? When we give them our data, and also in some cases we do not even have a choice, we’re relying on that they’ll maintain it secure. And that’s typically not under our control. You need to trust someone. You’re either trusting your ISP, the proprietor of the Wi-Fi you’re making use of, the Tor nodes, or if you’re utilizing a VPN, the VPN business.

It’s virtually difficult to be 100% private. Exactly how does a VPN aid in any of these circumstances? Well, allow’s prepare right here by discussing what a VPN succeeds. What are the legit reasons you might intend to make use of a Virtual Private Network? Well, the most usual use of a VPN around the world is to combat censorship.

I used to reside in China where the federal government blocks every little thing from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Wikipedia, the New York times. As well as attempt I state, even YouTube. A VPN is the best device to bypass this type of state censorship to access the totally free internet.

Along those exact same lines, a VPN is a great tool for location spoofing which primarily permits you to hide your location as well as make the internet believe you lie elsewhere. One of the most typical use case here is streaming power outage web content from major networks or geo limited material on platforms like Netflix, Disney And Also, Hulu, Pandora and others.

I’m below in Thailand where Disney hasn’t yet launched for some weird reason. By connecting to a VPN web server in the USA as well as spending for my Disney registration cost, I can access this geo restricted content as if I were in the US.

Actually, the last legit reason to use a VPN is in fact what it was at first developed for, for encrypting data. As I stated earlier, internet safety has already ended up being greater than appropriate. As well as when you’re accessing something like your bank via HTTPS, which all of them do now, a VPN does not make that connection more powerful, it just acts as a safeguard.

The only exception worth stating right here is that a VPN does secure your DNS demands. Well, a VPN will hide that details so that your ISP, your university, or whatever network you’re on doesn’t recognize anything concerning your link.

I believe there is value in having that backup safety and security for those who go to a higher danger of attack, however, for the majority of people it’s simply repetitive protection.

As well as before I neglect, allow me be clear concerning what a VPN does refrain. And also you may hear what I’m about to state and also think it was entirely unneeded. Depend on me, these are questions that I get every single day in my email inbox. A VPN isn’t an internet connection.

You need to connect to the net, whether that gets on your cellular network, your house network or public Wi-Fi, and then you link to a VPN. Second, a VPN isn’t a cape of invisibility that will certainly let you do whatever unlawful point you wan na do while you’re linked. Every industrial VPN firm declares they do not maintain activity browse through their users, yet they have no responsibility of that claim. So do not do it. Finally, a VPN doesn’t shield you from viruses and also malware.

I imply, some carriers have that as an added service but that’s not fundamental attribute of a VPN.

A VPN is a passage that can secure every kind of information consisting of viruses and malware being delivered to your device. And that’s the perfect segue to my last factor right here that I rejoice you have actually lingered to hear. The greatest solitary hazard to your online protection and personal privacy is not cyberpunks, it’s not malware, it’s not viruses or tracking software application, it’s you.

If you’re not aware of the common scams today, if you’re not skeptical of every email you receive and every link in every email, I can guarantee that no VPN and no antivirus software help you. You can avoid more than 80% of the problems people face with their online security and privacy by just using common sense.


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Mit einem VPN verbindet ihr euch ein bisschen anders als gewohnt mit dem Internet – und ihr könnt Serien streamen, die in Deutschland geblockt sind. Zum Beispiel Dr. Who, was gerade nicht auf Netflix läuft, aber in der Mediathek der BBC. Das VPN kostet euch meist ein paar Euro im Monat.

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0:00 Was ist ein VPN?
1:38 So funktioniert ein VPN
2:58 Die VPN-Lüge
4:47 VPN im fremden WLAN
6:45 VPN gegen Netzsperren
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11:23 VPN-Anbieter finden

Das VPN geht wie eine große Schwester für euch ins Internet, damit ihr es nicht tun müsst. Wenn ihr eine Adresse in euren Browser tippt, dann geht das über eine verschlüsselte Verbindung an den VPN-Anbieter. Euer Internetprovider kann dabei nur sehen, dass ihr mit eurem VPN-Anbieter kommuniziert. Er sieht aber nicht, welche Seite ihr sehen wollt, denn all das ist verschlüsselt. Und auch die Admins der Website können eure IP-Adresse nicht sehen. Die Anfrage kommt nämlich nicht direkt von euch, sondern vom VPN-Anbieter.

VPNs sind nützlich, wenn ihr euch beispielsweise im öffentlichen WLAN davor schützen möchtet, ausgeschnüffelt zu werden. Auch Netzsperren und Geoblocking lassen sich mit einem VPN umgehen. Wer aber maximal anonym surfen möchte, sollte von einem VPN lieber die Finger lassen und zum Tor-Browser greifen.

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